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Global Warming and Healthcare

Tuesday, January 1st, 2008

What does global warming and healthcare have in common? It would seem not much on the surface. Yet, when it is examined more closely there are many connections. Let’s examine one of the most important to me, which is the political outlook of both the global warming enthusiast and the person that wants universal healthcare. Now, to set the stage further, I am not talking about your average guy on the street that thinks we need universal healthcare and also believes we should take care of the environment. No, I am talking about the Al Gore types that are extreme alarmist (Healthcare and Global Warming) who assume mankind is bad, heartless, and uncaring toward our planet and fellow man. Oh yea, let’s not forget they tend to be political types that believe they know better than the rest of us, which is the ultimate connection between them and global warming/healthcare.

I am a conservative, not Republican or Democrat. But, something funny happens in the debate on healthcare and global warming, extremist on both topics seem to be Democrat party supporters and liberal, not Republican. These extremist are convinced that Global Warming must be caused by people. Why, well because it can’t be a natural cycle of the earth they reason, it must instead be caused by people. Reagan optimism in people is not something they posses. They also believe that we as American’s are heartless because we don’t’ provide healthcare to all of our citizens. The problem I have is that liberals, and some democrats, have high jacked these two topics for political gain. As I said above, these people simply believe they know better than the rest of us. Unfortunately, they gain political power from both of these topics, Global Warming and Universal Healthcare, and thus have a stage to influence us all.

For example, Al Gore has been an advocate of Global warming caused by man. Yet, his personal life has contributed more to carbon emissions than most of us will ever contribute. He also says the debate is over, attempting to make everyone who disagrees seem unknowing and ignorant. Yet, good ole Al is the ignorant one on top of being a hypocrite. In his movie An Inconvenient Truth, he fails to tell everyone that Carbon emissions over history only go up AFTER the temperature has risen (usually by several hundred years). For me, that simply blows every explanation this crowd has of global warming. Instead, it is a natural cycle of the earth. Is it getting warmer, sure, it seems that is true. But, it is not caused by human activity, in my opinion. Most of the warming in the twentieth century occurred in the early part, prior to the 1940s. Check out the 10 biggest myths of global warming.

What about a healthcare example? Well, look no further than Michael Moore. In Sicko he tries to tell us how wonderful the Cuban healthcare system is for their people. Do you want to go to Cuba for healthcare? I kind of doubt it. Yet, Mr. Moore has political clout and would rather trust his fellow American’s healthcare, in my opinion, to the government instead of to people’s choices. Again, healthcare high jacked as a topic to advance his liberal extreme political beliefs. So, let’s debate both topics in our society, Universal Healthcare and Global Warming. However, let’s not let the extremist highjack these topics for political gain. Americans as a whole are very smart when they have the facts, not when the media presents biased one sided arguments to the public such as Gore’s Inconvenient Truth. At least in Great Briton a high judge had the sense to point out the inaccuracies in the documentary. I wish we had public officials with the same guts in America. If you have kids, ask them if they saw An Inconvenient Truth in school, mine had no choice but to watch it.