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Socialism and Healthcare

Thursday, November 22nd, 2007

I recently began reading The Reagan Diaries (everyone that knows me well understands my admiration for Ronald Reagan). In reading a passage from his diaries regarding America’s grain embargo in the 1980s with the Soviets, Reagan said the following about the Soviets:

“Their socialism is an ec. failure. Wouldn’t we be doing more for their people if we let their system fail instead of constantly bailing it out?”

Reagan was a true conservative and what he knew well was that socialism is simply a failure. Unfortunately, many in our country now want socialized medicine. Some want complete socialization and other just want to play around with a little of it. Either way, it’s really bad for our country.

People define socialism, especially in regards to medicine, in many different ways. Yet, for me, socialized medicine is simply where the government redistributes wealth from the masses to pay for healthcare for some or all Americans.What would Reagan say about socialized medicine? Well, no doubt he would be completely against the current movement for government intervention in our healthcare system, especially those that want a Canadian or UK type system.

In my mind socialism is simply bad for our country and frankly immoral. Look at Reagan’s quote again, as he had it right. We should let socialism die on the world political stage just as communism did. For the better of us all, America should not go down this path in healthcare.