The Common Sense Factor

Well, The Chosen Ones healthcare speech is now behind us.  Did it change your mind?  Did you feel better about American and our direction after hearing his speech?

Obama is a master speaker.  He really is about as good as it gets.  In contrast, George W Bush’s speaking skills were probably about on my level, which is not that good (ha).  So, give one to Obama for being an excellent sales pitch guy.  The late Billy Mays would have been proud of Obama’s sales skills on TV. 

One more positive, Obama at least mentioned Tort Reform.  I am pleased that it even came up in his speech, a bone thrown to Republicans and Conservatives, but at least it was in the speech. 

Now, I still have issues with his plans that just don’t pass the common sense test.  First, if we add 47 million Americans that are uninsured into the delivery of care system (which would be outside of Emergency Rooms), how will the current healthcare work force handle the influx of patients?  By the very nature of this problem, we will see longer waits, all of us, to get into a doctor.  I feel sure many doctors won’t even accept a government insurance plan, but in time most of them would.  Yet, I see a real common sense problem here.

Second, Obama says it won’t cost anything.  What????? Is he kidding?  Do any of you out there believe him?  Do you believe any government program will have a net zero cost?  There is just no way.  He and Nancy Pelosi are budget busting minded when it comes to healthcare.  What he said last night defies the physics of logic.  All government programs grow and grow and grow. 

Finally, if there is so much waist in Medicare and Medicaid, then do it now.  Why do we need a major overhaul of healthcare to reduce fraud and waste in a government ran program.  Doesn’t  that just mean government can’t control costs now?

Give Obama his due, he is a great salesman and orator, but that is it.  This President has quickly moved into Jimmy Carter range, and at least with Carter I knew he was sincere about his beliefs.  As of now, I don’t see that with Obama yet.

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  1. Sandi Says:

    I feel Obama is a very articulate and interesting speaker. Most are so monotone you’re bored to death in the first two minutes. I am always intrigued by his speaking manner and watch the entire speech rather than flipping the channel after five minutes. There are still a lot of unanswered questions from me, but he is right when he said the partisanship needs to end and both sides need to work together for a solution. They need to stop with the scare tactics and smearing and focus on the real issue, which is rising healthcare costs to both employers and consumers both, let the doctors dictate what procedures are medically necessary and not the insurance companies, cover pre-existing conditions and stop dropping insureds when they get sick and need the coverage the most. I think they need to also address life insurance companies doing the same. A long story, but a very popular life insurance company dropped my dad because he is 69. They told him he is no longer eligible since he is over 64 years of age, but they took his money every three months from the age of 64 to 69 without ever telling him he was not elegible. The quacking duck got one over on my dad big time (in the tune of roughly $5K), and I will be writing the President about my concerns over this issue and my unanswered healthcare questions. They should have told him when he turned 64 that he was no longer eligible rather than continuing to deposit his social security checks, which is basically what they did!!

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