Public Option Dead?

It looks like the full public or Government ran insurance option may be dead.  The Senate Finance committee chairman today said the votes are not there to pass a reform bill with the Public Option included.  It looks like they may still shoot for the individual cooperatives, which is still a public option. 

As we get closer to tonight, one thing is clear.  The Senate could not pull together enough votes to give Obama his win in Healthcare as he wants it.  We are watching with a front row seat the decline of a President that spent ALL of his political capital on a social program that American’s don’t want as a majority.

President Obama over reached and incorrectly read the election results from last November.  He never had a mandate, he instead was the anti George Bush candidate.  As a whole, this is still a  just to right of center country. 

As I have learned working with State Governments, it is never over until it is over, but the public option at least is starting to drop off the radar as an option.  I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed. 

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