The Latest Plan

Well, on my way into the office, I heard the next brilliant plan by the Democrats.  Senator Max Baucus of Montana is pushing a new plan for Medicaid to cover a family of 4 now making up to 29K per year.  So, it would be, in a roundabout way, a method to cover lower income families to help with the uninsured problem.

It’s a noble idea, as most of the healthcare reform ones are, until you examine the details under the hood.  Yet, this one is pretty easy to debunk.  The states can’t afford more people on the roles of Medicaid.  Senator Baucus’ idea is simply one of transferring the financing of healthcare reform to the states and away from the Federal Government.  I don’t know what it will take for all of government officials to understand that the taxpayers just don’t have more money to throw at the giveaway programs.

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